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Estate Liquidation
Unearthed Treasures Estate Sales LLC Services
Clean Out
Estate liquidations occur for a variety of reasons. Whether it's a move, downsizing, or a loss of a family member we can make the estate liquidation process relatively effortless for you so that you can focus on the important events in your life. When you choose our company we will come in and provide a rough estimate of the value of the estate contents. We will then photograph the contents for sale, stage the sale for maximum traffic and take care of all advertisement.  

Cost of service: 30%-40% depending of size of estate. 
At Unearthed Treasures Estate Sales LLC, we take care to provide our clients high quality services personalized for complete estate liquidation. Our goal is to leave our clients completely satisfied with the liquidation service, the profit earned, and overall customer experience.
Our clients will have the opportunity to submit items from the estate to us for consignment purposes. We use Ebay an online auction website and Craigslist an online classifieds ad to sell consignment items. This service is used to gain more exposure to a broader audience in order to maximize the selling opportunity as well as to maximize profit.  Selling prices are researched and a reserve price is agreed on by the client and Unearthed Treasures Estate Sales before the item is listed. The client will have up to 30 days to pick up an unsold item from a designated location.

Cost of service: 25% of profit after Ebay fees and shipping.
A clean out service is an opportunity for the client to be virtually hands free of an estate liquidation. This service will allow our company to take the left over items from the estate liquidation and make donations to various companies. We like to donate to Salvation Army, Purple Heart, Goodwill and a few smaller companies. Anything that cannot be donated will be carried off and disposed of. The clean out service will leave the house clean of any unsold estate liquidation items or trash created by the estate liquidation.

Cost of service: To Be Discussed by Client and Company

We look forward to meeting you and discussing the many ways that we could help make your life less chaotic.